Nuneaton Town Supporters’ Co-operative continue to run The 200 Club competition.

Started in 2009, the 200 Club competition has offered a monthly cash prize to members, while concurrently raising money for the Football Club.

Nuneaton Town Supporters’ Co-operative Chairman John Hobson said, “The 200 Club is a great competition because it gives Boro’ fans the chance to win cash prizes, and help the Football Club and the Supporters’ Co-operative at the same time.

It costs £10 per month to join. Half of that will go into the prize fund, with the other half being split equally between the Football Club and the Co-operative.”

In the past, money raised through the 200 Club has been used to fund the youth team, and the Co-operative intend to continue using the money they raise to benefit supporters. John said “It is a great boost for the Co-operative to get a regular monthly income, and we hope supporters will join up. We have several projects under discussion, which will be aimed at improving the match day experience for all supporters. Hopefully the 200 Club will allow us to make real progress with our projects.”

The 200 Club is drawn at the end of every month. If you are interested in joining, please visit https://nuneatontownsupporterscoop.com/200club/


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