This week was perhaps the most subdued meeting that I’ve attended since I joined the board, probably down to the fact, that after the pure lunacy of the last month or so, what with the club going up for sale, and the rumours from the Nuns, that for once, this wasn’t a meeting dominated by a headline grabbing agenda piece.

In some ways, that’s a relief, it gives us a little moment to take stock, but at other times, you want to be seen at your dynamic best. This was one of those times, because we were once again joined by a member, who is looking to get more involved with our move towards fan ownership.

Normally any new member is greeted with enthusiasm, but when you’ve worn a mask of the chap’s face to Dartford, you can’t help but feel we’re starting to get things pushing in the right direction.

Yes ladies and gents, the latest person who has shown an interest in getting involved with what we do, is Mr. Simon Forsdick.

Fossy’s interest was a massive surprise, but a welcome one. His playing days might be over, but clearly we got under his skin a little bit, to the point where he wanted to find out more. As we told Middlesbrough when we were 5000 strong at the Riverside, ‘You won’t forget Nuneaton.’

Having a former player take an interest shows we’re making the right noises, and whilst his level of participation is yet to be completely agreed upon, he has already offered his services in terms of helping us grow our business membership, and it sounds from his background, like it’s the sort of task he will make a difference for us in.

It also means, that if there’s ever a five a side tournament organised by Supporter’s Direct between the various trusts, we would absolutely cream it. (Bagsy playing up front.)

Business acumen however, is something we need to be successful, and we need businesses supporting us now, not just in the future and therefore this was something I raised in the meeting last night. I want us to be able to offer businesses a reason to join in with the Co-op whether we’re running the club or not, I want the process of us working together to begin now. I want, when the time comes, to not be pitching to new partners, but to people who have already invested in us, and the community, and know where we’re going.

So if you have a business, and you want to support your community and you want to know more about what we do, then drop me an email to and I’d be happy to talk to you more and find out where our common ground lies.

On the subject of ownership, we are happy to announce that Supporters Direct and the football club have had initial conversations, and we’re looking into how we move forward now based on the feedback we have received from the club, and we’re encouraged by what we hear.

On membership news, we’ve now passed the 150 total, and are closing in on our highest number for many a year. I have a personal target in mind, and to help us get there, we’ll be launching online sign ups within the next seven days, following a successful test phase, which should take out the necessity of having to actually find us at a game, something that given our current predicament, limits our pool somewhat.

Away from membership, the Co-op will be supporting The JDRF quiz night on December 9th at the Griff & Coton Sports Club. The whole thing kicks off at 7:00p.m., and we’d hope that a number of our members fancy turning out, unless they’re married to an Egghead, in which case that gives them a distinct disadvantage.

You can find out more about what JRDF does here –

Of course, I followed up on a number of questions raised on the forum. I’ll reiterate what I’ve already said about the shop. We would love one day to be able to take that on, but as things are up in the air right now in terms of who could be running the club, we can’t commit to expending our resources on something we might only have a short period of access too. In more stable times, we’d be delighted to get that running the way the fans want.

Toilet entrances were mentioned, and whilst I think the issue raised has been addressed, next time we’re at the ground we can clarify.

I’d love for Kev to come down and see what we’re doing at the Co-op and it would be a great chance for us to get first hand, what his view on how things are going and what his plans are. We’ll be extending that invite to him, but also asking if there are other ways in which fans can get in touch with him and ask those questions, especially with Wilson’s Weekly wandering from the web without warning, which wasn’t what we wanted.

Members of the Co-op have seen the covers recently apparently, so they’re still there for when it inevitably gets a bit peakier, and we’ll ask the club if they have any eco-plans, and if we can help.

Finally, one last reminder, that before the Stockport game on November 12th, the Co-op will be laying a wreath and holding a short service of remembrance at the memorial garden, which all members are invited to attend.


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