FC United Charity Drives

With back to back games against FC United coming up over consecutive weekends, Boro fans making the trip to either game are being encouraged to help FC United with two charity drives that they are undertaking.

The first is their Big Coat Day, which will culminate in January, but is already up and running, and seeks for people to donate any spare items of winter clothing. With over 5,000 people a year dying in the North West due to a lack of heating and warm clothing, this is an excellent opportunity to make a real change in someone’s life. If they’re in good condition, you can take them along with you to either of the two fixtures, where they will be collected and then distributed to those who need them in the North West.

The other initiative, is FC United’s Toy Story, which is a brand new campaign that helps bring Christmas to unfortunate families in need, and is run in conjunction with the Frost Foundation, and delivers toys and presents to children living in crisis in the Greater Manchester area, so if you have any old toys that are still in good condition, that could bring a smile to someone’s face this Christmas, please do take them along.

All of us at NTSC wish our friends at FC United the best of luck with their appeals, and hope that Boro fans can support this.


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