Meeting update.

Apologies first of all for the delay in the update, and also for it’s brief nature. I was unfortunately unable to make the latest meeting due to illness, so I’ve only really been able to summarise what has been passed on to me by my fellow board members.

Thus, my final apology is to Dave Axon, as this one is probably going to be really dry.

Firstly, a quick update on negotiations with the club.


We sent an email to the club over the course of the weekend. At this point, I naturally can’t divulge the contents, but we feel that the reply to this email will allow us to clarify a lot more to all of you, and thank you so much for your patience during this time.

As I said the other week, it has been a long slog, buying a football club isn’t an easy process. You need a lot of things to click into place, especially when you’re an organisation like ours, before you can formalise things, but I think we’re getting closer and closer to moving to the next chapter.

Also discussed by the board were the recent goings on at Telford and FC United. It’s only right that we keep these issues in firm focus. We know that they could easily become a stick to beat us with in some corners, and also that they could scare people off, but if we react to these issues, learn from them, and put processes in at our club to ensure that it doesn’t happen that way, then hopefully we come out of it with the benefit of learning from where others have had struggles. Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that. (The Isaac Newton version, not the Oasis one.)

The questionnaire for non Borough attendees had it’s draft version looked at, and we will hopefully sign off on the final version at the next meeting, where I will also be presenting the first draft of the questionnaire for those who are still going to games.

Hopefully next time out, I’ll be able to give you a wee bit more detail on what’s happened, as I won’t be crying off ill, and normal service will resume. Till then, Up The Boro.



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