Time for talking is over.

Buying a football club, is a bit like trying to hook up with someone, or at least, it has felt that way, for the three minutes in which I’ve cooked up this analogy, and debated over whether or not it sounded a little to Swiss Tony.

First of all, there’s the eyeing up across the room, or in this case, football field. Then there’s the first few flirty texts, to test the water, and the excitement builds, and you prepare your big guns for the question. But then, what if you’re rejected? What if you don’t have the readies, and they’re after that little bit more? What if they don’t fancy you in the same way, and don’t see a future with you? Can you let the doubts get you down, or do you pluck up the courage, and go for it?

Well, tonight, after a passionate and productive meeting, we’re going for it, and after a few months back and forth with the club, we will be making the offer to the chairman to sit down and talk him through our vision and plan for the future of the club, and most importantly, how the money will be raised. This should then allow us to make the offer that will begin the process of fundraising, should the chairman be happy to continue, based on our proposals, which at this point include a five year plan for club operations.

Obviously, this has been a process that has taken time, and we’ll be finalising the necessary documents for this over the festive period, ready to take this meeting in the New Year, so while you’re tucking away the turkey, we’ll be tweaking the finer points on our proposals, and holding a special meeting to finalise the details. Hopefully once the meeting with Lee has been conducted, we will be in a position to release these plans to the wider supporters.

To complement this, we will be approaching businesses to try and get them to join our vision and plan, by clearly setting out our goals. We have a list of businesses we want to approach, and now a number of benefits that we can tailor to their needs, to create the sort of community partnerships we hope to foster for a long time. We’re not simply going to go there and say, ‘give us some money,’ regardless of whether or not it’s the season of goodwill. We want all our relationships to be symbiotic.

We also want more people like you. We’ve pushed our memberships online, but we’re going to be taking our message out face to face as well now, and as such, you will see a far greater presence on our table on Saturday. For those of you who love meeting Boro’ legends, I’ll be there, and so will some chap called Simon Forsdick, but we all know who the main attraction is. Of course, all the other members of the board will be around as well, and all of us will be able to help you out, by explaining a little more about what we’ve done, and more importantly what we’re going to do. It’s a good chance if you’ve not signed up to join the Co-op, to question why you might want to. Hopefully we’ll have the answers that will make you decide to part with £2. You can also pick up some last minute raffle tickets.

Somebody on one of the forums asked who was our point of contact at the club since Guy had departed, and hopefully soon we’ll be able to ascertain a new link into the club, which will allow us to continue to help the club reach out to the community, which remains one of our key aims for development of the club in both the long term and short term.

Looking ahead to the New Year, we are hoping to have a few meetings lined up with Supporter’s Direct and other organisations within the town, that will further the scope and ambition of our plans, so it’s clear that the Co-op at this point has it’s eyes firmly on the future of the club, and sport in this town.

Finally, isn’t it a good feeling to be looking forward to a game? I can’t make this post, without paying tribute to the change in the ethos of the club that Tommy Wright has brought in so far. It’s been the sort of start we could have only dreamed of, and it’s been great to see the fans reaction, especially the young lads who I saw Tommy take the time out to thank at the end of the last game. It’s great to see the club and kids bonding, it bodes well for the future. Here’s to a long and healthy one.

Up the Boro’.


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