Brucey’s Briefing.

Those of you who’ve been watching the Boro for a few years, and have been nosing around the forums, might remember my couple of short stints making the Boro’s first ever web TV series, TLTV. This Wednesday gone, for my fellow board members, it might have seemed a little bit like deja vu, as I appeared in front of them on a laptop screen.

This time however, there was to be no return for Ian Neale’s Soul Patch, it was merely the only way I could make the meeting, as I’m currently working away, filming cops of a traffic variety, chasing bad guys. Not that a hundred plus miles or so is going to stop me being there, and so I decided to Skype into the meeting. Who says that the Co-op isn’t charging headlong into the 21st century?

Also joining us for the first time, was Harry Warren, who is going to join the board as a co-opted member. Harry is another younger face, and it’s been something we’ve been really keen to address. In no way is it a slight on the members of the board who came before, age brings experience and so forth, but we need to better reflect our fan-base, and Harry helps us do that, and I’m delighted he’s come on board. We need to keep diversifying, and I will continue my drive to bring new members to the table, although  now, that will have to be via the AGM in June, as all our co-opted places are gone.

The meeting itself was probably one of our more ordered and cordial for a while, and that allowed us to be more focused and get down to the business at hand, which is good. It means that after a tough couple of weeks, I think we’re all getting back on the same page, and let’s hope that can continue.

On the issue of ownership, members of the board met with James Mathie, and in relation to our business plan, we’re going to have Nick Igoe run through it to finalise it, and make it as watertight as possible. Nick has an extensive background in football financing, and will give that expert eye that we need to make this work.

The question was asked over timescales to the bid. We obviously don’t have one. We move when we can, and only when we’re ready. We can’t rush and fail. The true timescale of course, is set by Lee Thorn. He has other bidders, and they might beat us to the punch, but we don’t want to wade into this in a panic, and ruin this club of ours. If our bid isn’t successful now, we will be in a stronger place to aid whoever comes in, and will better understand what we need to do, to run the club. That makes us a stronger partner for anyone investing in the Boro’, and hopefully makes the club and the community stronger in the future.

We were also asked, what we’re doing with regard to the rugby club situation. Obviously, we would all like a satisfactory solution found, and we have spoken with both Lee and the Rugby Club, and we hope that a solution can be found that means all fans of all sports get a fair deal. We want to work with the rugby club in the future, but we also want to work with the football club now, and in the future, so we won’t be taking sides, other than to say, our only priority always will be what is best for the supporters of the football club, and the members of the co-opeartive.

On the note of working with the football club, we’re looking already towards the end of season, and a fitting way to celebrate the achievements of the club, whatever they might end up being. I’ve already had a brief exploratory chat with the club, and we’re kicking about ideas for dates, so we hope to have something in mind, well in time to sort out an excellent evening for fans and staff alike.

Finally, we’re now less than a week away from another huge game in our excellent Trophy run. Last time out we were exceptional against a team from the league above us, and we have another chance to do the same against York City. For me, growing up, York were always a league team, and whilst they may have stuttered in recent years, they will still be a huge scalp if we can beat them, and it will continue to help develop the club further within the community. With gate prices again reduced, this is a brilliant opportunity for people who have stayed away, or not been for a while, to come back to the Boro’, so I urge you all, to act like walking billboards for Tommy and the lads, and bring them the crowd they deserve for getting us this far.


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