Warren’s World

Harry Warren recently joined the board. He’ll be sharing his feedback from meetings as well. Here’s his first account.

Unfortunately, technological gremlins got the better of us at the last Co-op board meeting which meant, as he is still away with work commitments, Ben was unable to join us. We thought it best that this week’s briefing be delivered by someone who attended the meeting, so I’m taking this opportunity as an excuse to introduce myself to you all.

As Ben mentioned in his last briefing, I have recently joined the board as a co-opted member. I am really excited to have joined, particularly at such an important time in the Co-op’s history. I have been eager to get more involved with the great work that the Co-op do for some time and I feel that I now have the capacity to contribute properly. I have strong beliefs about how football clubs should interact with their community and I think the Co-op is the perfect foundation from which to strengthen the bond between the town and the club.

Moving on to last week’s meeting.

As you might expect, the issue of ownership once again dominated the agenda. We had a lengthy discussion on topics ranging from developing our business plan, to our vision for running the club. Much of the detail of the conversation would be inappropriate to disclose here, but I can tell you it was a very productive meeting and we began to lay out some key details as to how we would be able to run the club sustainably, should our bid prove successful.

Over the next week or so members of the board will be getting together again to use the details we discussed on Wednesday to flesh out our business plan. As Ben has said, we don’t have a set timeframe in which to put our bid together and we aren’t going to rush through any part of this process. Having said that, it is a nice feeling to be moving towards having a more complete plan in place.

Another issue that remained on the agenda for the meeting was our relationship with the Rugby Club. We have made it clear that in the future we want to work alongside the Nuns, and the Board agreed it would be beneficial to build further on the relationship we have developed in recent weeks. To this end, we have contacted the Nuns to arrange another informal ‘get to know you’ session, which members of the Co-op board will attend in the coming days.

Finally, a bit of sad news to report in that Simon Forsdick has informed the board that he can no longer dedicate the same amount of his time to the Co-op. Earlier in the season, when Fossy was at the ground helping the Co-op with their membership drive, I had a good chat with him and it was fantastic to see and hear how much he clearly cares for the club. I am sure that Fossy will be keeping a keen eye on the progress of the Co-op’s work and will be helping out whenever he can.

It remains a very busy time for the Co-op and I would join the rest of the board in encouraging anyone who would like to get involved to get in contact and let us know.

Up the Boro,











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