Time to make your picks…

Well, the end of the season is upon us, and in many ways, victory on Tuesday may have all but finished it off, in terms of deciding our fate for the next season. That means, aside from booking your holidays, you’ve all got one more pretty important decision to make, and that’s this years Fans Player of the Year award.

Following the last home game of the season, against Alfreton, the C0-op are delighted to invite you all into the bar for a relaxed evening with the players and staff. There will be no door charge, but there will be food put on by the Co-op, and we’re working with the club to get some local beers on as well.

There will be voting slips available from Saturday 8th, at the Chorley game, as well as the week after at the Harrogate game.

This year is going to be a strange one for people to vote in, and I think we have to acknowledge that. There has been a big turnover in players, for one reason or another, and it’s often been the best players that have moved on.

That shouldn’t however, mean that the award becomes a farce this season. That wouldn’t be fair on Tommy and the lads who are left, who have all worked hard to turn around what at times looked like a disastrous seasons, and there are plenty of candidates left who have a claim on that prize.

Obviously this was all finalised at our meeting on Wednesday. It wasn’t the only important piece of business we got down to.

I’m delighted to say we’re one step closer to taking over the club shop. I’ve been in contact with a company that makes bespoke merchandise, the quality of which looks the business, and with a company that’s worked with clubs across Europe. It’ll give us the chance to start designing things that reflect our fans wants so much better, and keep us competitively priced. It might have come a little to late to get in there this season, we still have to go through the finer points of it all with Lee, but it seems this will be a goer, and with a bit of luck, we’ll open our doors during the preseason friendlies.

We also talked at length again about the business plan. Harry has done some incredible work pulling together figures and a cash flow forecast that breaks down how much per person we might need to get. It’s a figure that I think should focus how we move next, and that has to be identifying the right sort of people to partner with, in a bid. By that, I mean businesses and individuals who can assist us financially and with their professional expertise. They’re out there, we just have to go find them.

We have also had a positive response from the Ropewalk in regards to carrying out our market research there. We will be taking down a display from the Town to Town exhibition to showcase the club to sections of the town that perhaps don’t know about the club, or have let us slip out of their mind, and we’ll be taking the time to ask some questions that will shape how we operate in the future.

On that note, I need volunteers. We need people to come and help us raise the profile of the club, that means engaging people in the Ropewalk, talking to them, and helping them fill in our questionnaire. All we ask, is that you be passionate about the Boro, and happy to give up a couple of hours over the course of a week, to help us, and to help your club.

On the subject of volunteers, I was delighted to see so many people volunteering their time on Facebook to help form a work crew over the summer to tidy up the ground. I will be talking to Lee about this in the future, to find out what the club needs, and how we can support that, and hopefully we will be able to organise this and get the ground looking a little tidier.

If you want to help with either the tidy up or questionnaire, do get in touch with me at ben@benbruce.co.uk and I’ll let you know when they’re happening.

In the meantime, have a think about who you think deserves your vote as Player of the Year, and Up The Boro!


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