Brucey’s Briefing

Where to begin?

Yesterday was a hell of a busy one for us all, and, I think, a really positive and progressive meeting.

First up, we welcomed into our fold a new member to the board, in Ben Shakespeare.

Ben is someone a number of us have been chasing to get involved with us for a long time, not just because he has an awesome first name. Those of you who have come across Ben during his time working for the club, know his hardworking attitude, his love for the Boro, and the fact that he’s a good guy. He’s exactly the sort of person we needed to get on board, and we’re all thrilled that yesterday he joined us as a co-opted board member.

Obviously, we still want more of you, and we know we have to spell out our message just that little bit clearer. We’ve talked before about the Fans Forum that we want to do, and we’re now in the process of trying to arrange a date for the week prior to our AGM, for us to sit down, and talk to you, to spell out our vision, and to answer your questions. It will be sometime in the week beginning the 22nd May, and we will confirm the date just as soon as we can.

I’ve always said we need to be accountable and transparent and approachable, and I think opening the doors outside of a meeting, in a situation where you have more control over proceedings, is exactly the way to do that. It will also give us the chance to present the findings from the Boro Questionnaire. We have now submitted all the required paperwork to get ourselves a prominent town centre pitch for a couple of days, and we’ll be looking for volunteers to help us get the message about our great club out there to the wider town.

Presenting our market research, and our vision for how we can be an integral part of the future of our club is also a great chance for us to showcase what we are now, to anyone who is currently looking at the football club with an eye to buying it. We know that stories circulated earlier in the year that there were buyers out there, and Lee was in negotiations with people, so if that is the case, we cordially invite those people to come down to fans forum, anonymously if they so wish, to hear what you inherit, in terms of a driven and passionate fanbase, eager to engage and work with you.

On that note, we’ll be looking for volunteers for a couple of other projects soon as well.

Firstly, the Coop board will be liaising with Ben Mayne over the summer, to create a list of jobs that need to be done around the club over the close season. We will then set aside a date, and get down to the ground to do them. We need bodies to do this, so if you’re keen, let me know at

Secondly, this morning I have sent an email to the Rugby Club, offering them assistance in carrying out a traffic survey. As you all know, demands have been placed on the owners of the stadium to cover the cost of resurfacing the driveway. We’re glad that work is to be done, but we understand that the usage of the road is a stumbling block, so we have offered to carry out a traffic survey, alongside colleagues from the RC, so that we can together adjudge what portion of traffic is used by either side, and qualified percentages can be used to be work out who is responsible for what. Again, we need bodies to do this, so if you want to help the football club resolve their dispute with the RC, which I know we all do, this is your chance.

We all remain committed here to doing more for the football club, and hopefully these are just the first steps in that direction. With the season winding down, it looks like this could become an extremely busy period for us!

Up The Boro


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