Let’s party.

The season is coming to an end, the games are all but over, the summer silly season is nearly upon us. So is there a better excuse than to let your hair down, say sod it, and have a party?

Contrary to some internet moans, there’s a lot to celebrate as the season winds down. Yes, it may have started poorly, and yes there may have been times when it’s been hard to watch, but those times have been eradicated, wiped from the collective minds, by what has been a really impressive second half of the season under Tommy Wright.

He alone, deserves to see the fans out in force on Saturday, and in the bar afterwards. The turnaround has been stark, and the way he has managed the fans expectations, alongside the model of the club has been nothing short of impressive. It’s no stretch to say that this team now, had it been together all season, would have been knocking on the door of the playoffs.

And there are players in that team who have stepped up and proved themselves. Whether it be season long stalwarts like Kelvin Langmead, loan stars, like Jordan Nicholson, local heroes like Alex Penny, or new faces like Ashley Chambers, there have been players who have pushed on, took their chances, and been a pleasure to watch.

With that in mind, it was no surprise to me, that there were a wide array of names in the pot this year, when we counted the results for Player of the Season, and as I looked at each one, it became easy to understand why the voter had picked that player, and chosen them.

Of course, there can be only one winner, and it gives me great pleasure to announce that this years winner, of the fans vote for Player of the Season…. will be revealed at around 6pm, this Saturday following the FC United of Manchester fixture.

I really hope we see a host of people there. It might be a season that has had it’s share of low points, but the players here now are responsible for pretty much all of the highs, and they deserve our gratitude.



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