Bring Back The Boro

The Co-operative are delighted to be officially supporting the football clubs push to return the Borough name.

Following our recent consultation with the supporters and wider community, it was clear there was an incredible ground swell of support for a return.

That said, we have been extremely pleasantly surprised that the club have acted so decisively on this feedback, and we thank Lee Thorn for listening to the fans, and taking it upon himself to follow through on their wishes.

We will shortly be meeting to plan a fundraising scheme to support the transition if and when it goes through and we look forward to presenting our ideas to you.

To confirm, the Cooperative will be helping the club by sorting out funding for all the necessary changes, signages, web domains etc.

We will be announcing fundraising plans to support the club in the near future. We are both delighted and honoured to have the chance to do something that will mean so much, to so many of you.

Now, however, is the time to place your vote. We at the Coop support the return of Nuneaton Borough, and we will be doing all we can to present the argument for. We look forward in anticipation to the result, and the hope that what our name will be back.


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