A New Season Awaits

We’re now only a couple of weeks away from the beginning of pre-season. The club say they’ve done their business, and have assembled a strong squad on paper, and, thank the lord, the stripes are back!

We had a wee bit of a recess after the AGM, but we got back down to the jobs in hand. The first thing we had to do, was reappoint a chair and a vice chair. The way we’re structured means that the board vote on such  matters, and after a close run thing, we’re all delighted to announce the appointment of Harry Warren as our new chair, and Roger Barnes as our vice chair.

Hopefully, this gives us the perfect blend of youth and experience going forward, and allows us to approach the future, whilst remembering the past. Harry has been a revelation since he came on board. He has worked tirelessly to familiarise himself with the workings of Supporters’ Direct, and our constitution. The work he has done on our business plan will be invaluable, and as such, he’s earned this chance.

Roger of course has been with us for many years, through the trust and then the Co-op, and brings a wealth of knowledge about the football club, which will complement everything we look to do.

We also agreed to add a new co-opted member to our ranks. Mark Axon returns to the board, and has already begun work researching the way in which other clubs at our level raise funds through their fans and what they use them for. We’ve been excited to see Mark’s efforts, and we’re exploring a couple already, to see how easily they could be implemented.

With that done, we talked about a number of issues. Recently, members of our board met with Frankie Fry and Liam O’Neill, to see how we can help the community side of the club. We’re hoping to be actively involved in supporting the youth teams as we have done previously, and we look forward to continuing to support the club in this.

A big thing that dominates our planning this season, will be fundraising should the name change vote be successful. We have agreed on a potential member of the board who will help verify the vote, and we have put together a sub-committee to begin planning events to help get the money we need to get this done. One thing we’re really keen on doing, is reviving the Hall of Fame, so we hope to be making an announcement on that in due course. Anyone who wishes to help us with any fundraising, is encouraged to get in touch with us, we will need all your help for this to work out!

We’ll also be meeting with the football club and rugby club soon, to discuss further our plans for the disabled stand, to see what issues may arise from it, and to find a solution where we can all work together to provide a facility for the supporter’s of both clubs, and we’re looking forward to moving this on in a positive fashion.

I do owe our members an apology. We do have some minutes outstanding, that I am solely responsible for. I won’t make any excuses, other than to say, I am working to get them up as soon as possible.

Finally, I want to make one last plea to all our members to make sure they vote to bring back the Boro name. It is extremely important to make the FA understand that there is a huge desire for this at the club, and we urge anyone who hasn’t, or who voted prior to May 30th, to vote here.

Up The Boro



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