People Power Brings Boro’ Closer

The results from the clubs consultation on the name change were announced last night, with an overwhelming 464 of the 476 votes cast backing a return to Nuneaton Borough.

The count was verified by the club, and our very own Ben Shakespeare, and whilst all of us on the board hoped we would see a positive outcome for the name change, none of us expected to see such an overwhelming figure.

Speaking about the results, chair Harry Warren had this to say;

“We’re very pleased with the results of the recent name change consultation. The decision to launch the consultation was a consequence of the attitudes survey that the Co-op carried out. Not only is it brilliant that we’re a step closer to getting the Borough back, but it represents a success for the Co-op and also shows that Club are willing to listen to its supporters.

We look forward to working alongside the Football Club to ensure we give them as much help as possible to make the name change a reality.”

The Co-operative will be convening a sub-committee to begin the fundraising process very shortly, and we will be looking for help from anyone who wants to get involved, as we look to find a way to cover the cost of the name change for the club.


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