Brucey’s Briefing

The new season is nearly upon us, and a summer of anticipation is set to give way to a season of hope, as Tommy and the lads look to put together a challenge to get us up, and off the field, both the club and ourselves look to bring back the Borough name to the club.

I was delighted by the results of the poll. They shocked me in that it was so overwhelming, and I look forward to seeing how we can achieve our funding goals. We’re waiting to get a job list from the club and then we can get that all put together and start the process of ensuring the costs are met.

One way we make money at the Cooperative, is the 200 club. Over the five years it’s been under Cooperative administration, it has raised nearly £16,000 each, for both club and Cooperative, and is an essential strand of what we do. To do more for you however, we need more people on board as the more we raise, the more we can do, so if you’re interested in helping the club and your fellow fans, and you want the chance to win a few bob, sign up following the link here

Moving into the new season, we’re hoping to put a few new initiatives in place, and we’ve been talking with our friends at Anker Radio, with a view to helping them provide more coverage of our games, both home and away, and we’re hoping to formalise something with the club regarding this very soon.

Finally, I’ll be taking a little time away from it all, as I enter into a busy period professionally, coupled with having an ever growing family, so I’ll be taking a sabbatical until October. I don’t want to limit my input at this crucial time, but I know that I won’t be able to give my all at this point, and I would be running the risk of letting people down, as my enthusiasm right now far outstrips the actual time I have to give to everything.

I know however that the current board, under Harry and with the recent addition of Mark Axon, is stronger than ever and I look forward to coming back soon and picking up where I left off.

Until then, Up The Borough.


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