How can you help?

The Co-op are looking for fans and members who have some free time to help out this week.

The football club have very kindly offered the Co-op a room at the club that we can adopt as our office, centre of operations and primary point of contact between ourselves and our members. This is a fantastic opportunity for us and is a symbol of the excellent relationship we have developed with the football club in recent times.

The room was formally used as one of the toilets at the ground, so is in need of a bit of renovation. Board members have been working over the last couple of weeks to carry out the necessary work which will turn the room into an office we can be proud of (a big thank you to board member Jim Skuce, who has driven most of this work forward).

However there is still a long way to go and we need volunteers who can lend their hand to a bit of DIY!

You may remember that we recently purchased 2 turnstiles for the football club to use. The turnstiles require a paintjob before they can be moved into place, so we also need helpers willing to do a spot of painting.

If you are able to help, our Vice Chairman Roger Barnes will be at the ground from 10am on Wednesday to supervise as necessary.

If can help out at any other time this week, you can email your availability to me via, and we will try to arrange a board member to be there with you.

Many thanks to all in advance!

Harry Warren


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