Bruce’s Briefing – Embracing Change

One thing that we have often found people bemoan about the Cooperative, is that it’s not the quickest to react to situations.

It’s hard to argue with that assessment to be fair. Which is why we’re changing how we’re organised.

Currently, the whole board meets once a fortnight to discuss all our matters. That’s not really necessary. For any organisation to be successful, people need to be assigned to specific tasks that they can focus on, and not get drawn into other things. Indeed, in our attempts to recruit new blood to help our ambitions, I’ve often been met with the response that they’re just not that interested in all the other stuff.

I’ll admit myself, there are large portions of meetings that I simply tune out from. I know what I came to the Cooperative to set out to achieve, but our mandate is so far reaching that there are countless things that I don’t want to be involved in, nor would any right minded person want me involved in either!

So, we’re going to give ourselves the chance to diversify. The main board will now meet once a month, whilst new subcommittees will be created to deal with specific agendas. That should mean more focus, less extraneous input and ultimately better results.

Hopefully it will also lead to more people wanting to get involved because they will feel they can aid us in specific areas. Now, more than ever, we need that help.

We had a very successful night at the race night where we managed to bring in nearly a grand towards the cost of the name change, but since then we’ve seen what may or may not be a crisis brewing at the club with the rearrangement of the Boston game to Alfreton’s Impact Arena.

Whilst we appreciate that there may have been technical gremlins in the system, and that all the facts pertaining to any compensation for fans etc hasn’t been announced, we are still monitoring the situation closely. We hope that the club can put something in place to placate people,  however at a time when we should be celebrating our very impressive end to the season, the forums are full of doom and gloom from people who feel very scared about the future of their club.

It’s that future we want to preserve.

We want to buy the football club. Not on our own, but as part of a group of people, with the fans owning a share, and with other investors, companies and so on coming in alongside us. We have made our first serious reach out to local business people that we know have expressed an interest in the club so far, and we’ve received some early positive replies, however there is a current reluctance for anyone to commit to anything at this early stage.

This is why we need to add to our ranks, and why we need to present our vision to people who are interested. Now is the time for change. We still await the outcome of the name change, but a new start for the club under Nuneaton Borough could go a long way to alleviate the current malaise and apathy. It could kick start the fortunes of this club again, but it only happens if people are willing to get involved and to work with us to create a vision of Nuneaton Borough for the community.

This has been a strange season for us all, and it’s coming to a rather bizarre conclusion. I hope that this time next year, we have a far more run of the mill ending, with us nearer the top of the league, pushing for promotion.

Up the Boro’.

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