Update from our meeting.

Earlier this evening, Nuneaton Borough Supporter’s Cooperative chair Harry Warren, and treasurer Mike Turner met with a number of people from the local community who had expressed an interest in supporting the Cooperative and their aims for a community run football club.

We delivered our vision to them regarding the future of the club, something which was widely bought into by the group, all of whom actively want to help us should we secure the football club.

However, the price that has been quoted, coupled with information available in public domain about the operational situation of the football club, was deemed too high a risk for anyone to be interested in making financial support for our bid.

We have relayed this information to Lee Thorn, and have asked him to engage with us and Supporter’s Direct as we now move to plan B, which is to launch a community share order to secure the football club. Should he be willing to move forward with this, we will hold an open meeting to discuss how we will raise the required monies.

The ball now firmly rests in the court of Mr. Thorn, and we hope that he will meet with us to best secure the future of this football club for the community.

We are of course extremely disappointed with the outcome today, but understand completely the views of those we met with, and we are delighted at their enthusiasm to support us and the Boro in the future.

We will look to hold an open meeting as soon as possible, once we have received a positive response from Mr. Thorn.


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