Coop response to Mr. Thorn

We read with interest Lee Thorn’s statement regarding the sale of the club and his interaction with the Cooperative.

There were a number of inaccuracies in it, we could point them out, but rather than drag the club further through the mire,  we will do the following.

On Tuesday, following our meeting, we emailed Lee stating that we would;

“need in writing what the debts at the club currently area, what we would be taking on, what would be written off and who would be liable for maintenance of the facilities at the ground.

To do this, no doubt you would want an NDA in place and meeting with us and Supporters’ Direct is the way that we would do this as they are the organisation that can help us through the purchase…

…We can still negotiate a deal where we take on this football club, however, we need you to cooperate with the process.”

That offer still stands. It will not be withdrawn at any point.

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