Members Update

Dear Members and Boro fans,

Members Update

With the new season underway, we want to give our members and Boro fans an update about what we have been doing and what’s been happening from our perspective.

Board changes

Firstly, there have been a number of changes to the Co-Op Board. Harry, our former chair, decided to stand down during the close season for personal reasons, and more recently Roger Barnes and Ben Bruce have made the same decision. We are very grateful for their contributions to the Co-Op and the Boro and are looking forward to catching up with them on the terraces.

John Hobson has returned to the Board after being co-opted at our meeting on 25th July, another member has shown interest in joining the Board, and the Board have appointed Mark Axon as interim Chair.

Ground situation

We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to all concerned for their hard work in getting the Boro into a position to start the season as a National League North side.

After the sale of the ground, we were keen to meet with the new ground owner Norman Smurthwaite and were delighted that he too was keen to meet and share a brief overview of his plans with us. A summary of this discussion is available on our website. In addition to this, we will be sharing our disabled facility plans with Norman soon.

The fact that he wanted to meet with us and open meaningful dialogue as soon as possible was very reassuring. He indicated that he was happy to work with supporters’ groups and Mr Thorn (the Football Club owner) alike to help make the ground a focal point for the local community.

Co-operative’s aims

An overview of our main aims and objectives are listed below;

  1. To strengthen the bonds between the Club, its supporters and the local community.
  2. To raise money to be spent in such a way as to promote the aims and objectives of Nuneaton Borough Supporters’ Co-Operative for the benefit of the community and all supporters of Nuneaton Borough.
  3. To create a platform for Nuneaton Borough supporters to express their concerns, views and opinions.
  4. To work with the Club to improve the match day experience for all supporters.
  5. To encourage and promote the principle of supporter representation on the board of the football club through democratic means under the auspices of Supporters Direct.

More information regarding our achievements during 2017 can be found on our website here and updates on our aims and objectives here.

Football club ownership and moving forward

As outlined above, outright ownership of the football club is not one of our main aims. However, the Co-Operative and other Supporters Trusts are a democratic vehicle for this. Therefore, whenever we feel that the very existence of the Football Club is under threat we will endeavour to do all we can to ensure it continues for its loyal supporters, as events since the end of last season have shown.

With regards to this, we made Mr Thorn aware that if he wished to sell the Club to the Co-Op, this would have to be conducted following the process advised by Supporters Direct.

We have tried to clarify the situation with Mr Thorn but despite our attempts to contact him, we have not received any communication in relation to this since late May.

We fully accept that Mr Thorn may have again decided not to enter this process. However, it must be recognised that it has been a very busy time for him and we hope that regular and constructive dialogue can begin as soon as possible.

Only when lines of communication are open both ways can we fully understand how best we can offer any help or support moving forward.

We hope to increase our work with and strengthen our relationship with Football Club staff in order to increase the fans’ influence on the Football Club and to help it to thrive.

To this end we are actively looking for Co-Op members and Boro fans with relevant skillsets to help and strengthen the Co-op and in turn the Football Club.

If you are interested please get in touch with us by emailing us at, speaking to us at a game or via our social media accounts.

And finally….

We have offered our support to the Club’s rebranding of their social media platforms by offering to gift the use of the premium website domain name which was recently made available to us.

Kind regards,

Board of Nuneaton Borough Supporters’ Co-Operative