Clarifying the Co-Op’s position

Regarding recent reports that have once again thrown the future of the football club into doubt, we felt the need to reach out again to both Mr Smurthwaite and Mr Thorn to help clarify the ownership situation.
We have reiterated that whenever the very future of our club is under threat we will endeavour to do all we can to ensure the club can continue. We have urged Mr Smurthwaite and Mr Thorn to meet with us to discuss the future of the Boro’ and plan a way forward which would prevent the club from folding.
The football club folding would have a devastating impact on our members, Boro staff, players, fans and the town. Therefore, as representatives of the supporters, we want to do all we can to prevent this from happening.
Outright ownership of the football club is not one of our main aims and should a new owner secure the future of Nuneaton Borough FC ,we would look to forge a positive relationship with them as soon as possible.
However if no new owner is found, the Supporters’ Co-operative would try and step in to buy and run the club. We have again explained the process for this to Mr Smurthwaite and Mr Thorn. This process, facilitated through Supporters’ Direct, would involve raising funds through community shares and sponsorship in order to purchase the club and put it on a sustainable footing.
To help our continued preparation for this scenario, we would urge any interested parties who feel they can assist us to get in touch with the Co-Operative at or by contacting Mark Axon, acting chair, on 07814 663158

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